September 2016 Bions Event

Secrets of the Brain Revealed:
Leave Limiting Patterns and Beliefs Behind, Easily, Rapidly and Maybe Even Permanently


You'll learn how to create rapid, easy, lasting changes in your neural networks. Neural networks embody everything you know, believe, feel, think and all your habits and reaction patterns, so when you learn how to change them deliberately and consistently toward greater well-being, integration and wholeness, you gain control of your life. In theory it's surprisingly easy, with only four steps. With the NeuroMastery® methods you'll learn that practice is equally easy. 

You'll experience Quiet Mind Meditation. In minutes you will find yourself in a state of open, spacious awareness. Thinking becomes optional. It is often said it is impossible to stop thought, but you will know that is not true. You'll know how to calm yourself in minutes, whenever you choose, with each experience releasing additional layers of programmed agitation. 

Depending on group interests, other methods will be taught so you can experience beneficial changes in yourself on the spot. We may address fears, or stress about specific topics, and you may expand your view of something in your past or present in a way brings you new insight, freedom and maybe even compassion. 

Finally, discover Deliberate Transcendence. All this is included in NeuroMastery®. With NeuroMastery® methods, limiting inner constructs acquired through inheritance and life experience, can be neutralized. With the disappearance of these limits, greater freedom and authenticity emerge and become an ever-expanding new normal.  

Daimon Sweeney is the creator of NeuroMastery®. After decades of experience in conscious growth, including hours of daily zazen at the Rochester Zen Center for more than a year, basic and advanced studies in Tibetan Buddhism, living on The Farm, training in Eugene Gendlin's Focusing technique, independent discovery of what is now known as Voice Dialogue (while still a teenager), many years in The Sufi Order of the West, including teaching classes, and 10 years using EFT with himself and clients. While teaching classes in EFT, Daimon ran into a wall. Faced with intractable barriers to expressing his full potential, he began asking new questions about why people are the way they are, why change is difficult and how that works. New discoveries and insights emerged, followed by corroboration from emerging neuroscientific research. Drawing on his wide experience and with original insights the result is a powerful approach to deliberate and experience unlimited positive change. 

Thursday, September 15th
7-9 PM (Doors open at 6:30)
Fairhaven Library
Fireplace Room under Outside Stairs
1117 12th St, Bellingham

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$5-$10 Donation..No one will be turned away

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