December BIONS Event

Movie Night! December 15th!

Even if you have seen this movie before
We highly recommend seeing it again and again!

“Michael Moore's Most Dangerous Comedy! Just when we need him most, America's favorite political provocateur, Michael Moore brings us his latest award-winning film WHERE TO INVADE NEXT an expansive, hilarious, and subversive comedy/documentary in which Michael confronts the most pressing issues facing America today and finds solutions in the most unlikely places. The creator of FAHRENHEIT 9/11 and BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE has returned with an epic movie that is unlike anything he has done eye-opening call to arms to recapture the American Dream and restore it to, of all places, America.”

Thursday Evening, December 15th
7-9PM (Doors Open at 6:30)
Fairhaven Library
Fireplace Room under Outdoor Stairs

$5-$10 Donation: No one will be turned away
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