May 2016 Event


We have just reached the tipping point that launches humanity into its next great adventure: the long awaited journey of reuniting with our completion partner, the other half of us in a physical body.

In this energy filled discussion we will explore these topics:

·        What is your completion partner or twin soul?
o   What is the difference between our twin soul and soul mate.

·        Why is the capstone journey of completion happening now?

·        How do we find our partner and hook up with them?
o   What are the signs he or she is making contact with us?

·        Is this process age or sex-related?
o   What if I am lesbian or gay?

·        What does sex have to do with it? Oh my, yes!
o   Hint. Remember the scene in cocoon? Well, it's hundreds of times better!

For those who are willing and comfortable, Gail will take you on a guided meditation to meet and make contact with your partner in a way that will allow you to continue to make contact with them.

We have reached the tipping point. Now we begin dancing the divine duet.

Join us for this highly interactive evening as we explore the amazing and new capstone journey of completion. Bring your questions and your ideas.

Dr. Gail Siler, PhD, is a social scientist, planner and educator who worked for several decades in two overlapping areas: High level wellness and creating positive change. Her consulting with national and regional governments, organizations and individuals has taken her on many adventures in the world including Scotland, London, United States, Germany, Denmark, and her favorite place, Australia.
 Midway in her professional career, Gail became connected with an unusual group of beings who, for the past 25 years have been teaching her what the real world offers us once we take off our blinders. Upon entering this world, she says her life has completely changed.
 Dr. Siler is an award winning author of The Godmother Chronicles Book 1: Decoding the Butterfly Promise, as well as an academic book and numerous articles.  She was also a contributing author for several years to Nourish Your Mind-Body-Soul e-magazine.
7:00PM - 9:00PM (6:30 doors open)
Bellingham's Fairhaven Library
FIREPLACE Room Under Outside Stairs
1117 12th St, Bellingham (Fairhaven)

$5-10 Donation Appreciated. No one will be turned away.

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