December 2014 Event


Judyth Sult

Thursday, December 18th
7-9pm (doors open at 6:30)
Fairhaven Library (street level entrance under stairs)
1117 12th St, Bellingham (Fairhaven)

Donation $5-10 (No one will be turned away) 

Join Judyth for a fun evening learning what energy you are drawing to yourself in 2015. You will also learn how to calculate those numbers for others. Judyth will teach the audience how to use numerology to calculate the theme of their personal year according to numerology. The personal year is the energy theme one calls to oneself from January to December, no matter when the birthday is. We’ll look at what influences how different people experience the same number for their personal year. These calculations can be used for to compare with others. She will review 2014 numerology and then move to 2015.

Then Judyth will use the Major Arcana Tarot cards to help explain the numerology numbers for the year. By the end of the evening, each person will have had the opportunity to learn how to calculate their personal year numbers, and to know the Tarot cards that go along with those numbers.

Judyth Sult has been studying, teaching and reading Tarot internationally for 30+ years. She is currently completing a Tarot deck and has an online radio show about Tarot. She has studied with other professionals and used a wide variety of decks which helped her develop her unique reading style that enlists the aid of the guides to reveal what’s in the highest good. Judyth has a background in marketing, publishing and education. She works with and reads for, individuals, couples and businesses.

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